What Do You Do?

st louis home buyer guide

Buyer's agents clear up confusion

My wife & I are looking to buy our first home, and are looking to live in St. Louis City.

Do you give any kind of quick presentation on what services
……….you offer as a buyers agent?



Your question is not an easy one to answer, because our services can vary depending upon your needs as a buyer.

 As a buyer’s agent, I work with you to find and analyze prospective homes, become educated with areas and choose  one that fits.  Sometimes buyers have a very good idea of what area they want to live in, sometimes not.  We usually consider alternatives that they may not be aware of offering similar types of homes.

 Once you have chosen a home you are most interested in, we prepare the offer / contract forms and help to explain the process.  We can add in contingencies and explain how your offer can be made attractive to the seller while still getting the deal you want.  We provide analysis on home sale prices (not listing prices) and discuss offering price and negotiation strategy.

 When an offer is submitted (usually to another agent) we negotiate on your behalf.  Our goal is to get the absolute best price for you by explaining how your offer is a reasonable price–where the seller’s asking price is unreasonable.

 An accepted offer becomes a legal contract and as a buyer, you are obligated to “perform” in certain areas.  We assist you in the process of having it inspected and inform you of everything you need to do and make sure that everything gets done to your satisfaction, in the time frame agreed upon in the contract.  A good buyer’s agent is like a quarterback:  we coordinate between all key players,  the seller’s agent, lender, inspectors, title company, and others needed to have a successful home purchase.

 Lastly, we assist with all kinds of odds and ends, meeting repair people, helping you to get the best rates with the title company & lender,  lining you up with any needed contractors such as electricians, painters, tile layers, roofers, and more. As we own many properties so we have vast connections. Our goal is to support you in any area needed and share our expertise in homes & homeownership.

 Thanks for contacting Premier Realty Exclusive!


St Louis real estate is our specialty! If you’re looking for real estate anywhere in the St Louis, MO area, including St Louis City, St Louis County, St Charles, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, or one of the other areas we serve, simply click the “Search St Louis Real Estate” link at the top or bottom of this page to begin your home search now.

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