Celebrate Superbowl

Reading from posts from my Active Rain friends about what they are doing today has helped me put some perspective on my life and purpose on earth today. Superbowl marks a key Real Estate date

Today I’m having a Superbowl Party. It’s a workday, of course, but around 4pm, I’m winding down and having some friends over to eat, socialize, play games, and watch the Colts dismantle the Saints.

Its a celebration, really, no matter who wins.

People ask me all the time, some version of this question, “What’s the best time to sell my house?”

I always feel like a politician when I answer, because I usually end up saying there is no best time. While the largest volume of sales usually takes place in the spring, if I put my house on the market, and 10 of my neighbors do the same, its probably not the best time. Part of what keeps Realtors in business, is that home selling is not simple, and developing a strategy to sell is usually more involved than just picking a time. We work hard all year round.

Given the above, Super Sunday is a day that has been unofficially thrown around for years as being the beginning of the Spring Selling Season. Its a time when people change focus on one of the bigger priorities in life……football….. and return their focus to other matters. Its a time to look out into the yard and develop a list of things to do in the yard to establish a punch list for maximum curb appeal. Things inside that I’ve noticed, but been too busy with Holidays, Kids, and Championship Games. Its a time to look ahead to spring.

So today when I’m partying with my friends and enjoying the game, a part of me will be celebrating the start of sales season with excitement for 2010.

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