Still Some Free Money (for Some)

home for sale in st louis moThe Missouri Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) has a tax credit that DIDN’T expire on April 30th and Funds are still plentiful! As reported in today’s Post Dispatch, the credit isn’t being used as much as expected. The credit is $1250 for the HOPE tax credit with an additional $500 for the HOPE Energy Credit, for a possible credit of $1750.

MHDC has been a source of assistance for home buyers for a long time (starting in about 1969). The type of assistance has varied. A few years back, they offered a program for first time home buyer downpayment assistance. This hears “HOPE Program” has taken the place of the down payment plans and has shifted the responsibility from the lenders directly to the home buyer or their accountants.

Information on the HOPE Program can be found online HERE. Anyone wanting to take advantage of this plan better hurry though. While it doesn’t expire on July 1st like the federal tax credit, this credit only applies for homes purchased before 8/31/ 2010 with the forms being due by September 30, 2010

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