Word to the Wise: PRIORITIZE!

St Louis home buyingIn working with St Louis home buyers, there are lots of variations. Some buyers know exactly what they want, what they can pay, and where to look; they just need a REALTOR to make the connection. Other buyers in St Louis are really clueless. They have no idea what they want or where to look. They want a REALTOR to tell them where to go and what to do throughout the entire home buying process.

Question: which is better off?

Answer: Neither

Some would say that home buyer #1 is in better shape. They’ve done their homework, they are confident, they have a plan.

The problem with this type of buyer in many cases is that they make their plan BEFORE they have the benefit of working with a professional. Sometimes this type of buyer has begun the process of narrowing down their search and has ruled out homes or areas based on the direction of misinformation or the opinions or wishes of others.

Home buyer #2, some would argue, shouldn’t even buy a home. They need to know what they want before they start working with a REALTOR. This may be true in some cases. Often times this type of buyer allows a professional to get involved to assist them through the ENTIRE process, not just the final act. Often times a REALTOR can help a home buyer do a better job of considering all possibilities then methodically narrowing down the search based on realistic factors.

In ALL cases, there’s no “1 right way” to buy a home. Factors vary for everyone. The point is, that either too much preparation, or too little preparation can put a home buyer in a position where they aren’t allowing their real estate professional to help them or putting too much in their hands.

Buyer’s best bet is to take the time to make out a list of priorities about what they want in a residence. Proximity to work, proximity to family or friends, price range, type of community, type of home, and realistic idea of the duration of the residency should all be considered. Nothing is more disappointing to buyer’s agents as a call from a home buyer shortly after a purchase when they are disappointed in where or what they’ve purchased. Also a drag is when a buyer finds themselves wanting or needing to move because certain factors weren’t considered prior to the purchase.

Home buying is a PERSONAL decision, so allowing anyone to have too much influence in the factors that are personal can lead to frustration. That’s why taking a few minutes to list priorities BEFORE friends, family and strangers start the process of unsolicited counseling.

Once home buyers have that list, a REALTOR should be consulted. Often times a good buyer’s agent might think of possibilities that a home buyer may not consider just based on information on the list.

St Louis home buying is exciting! Finding a place can be exhilarating and a fantastic investment. Something to really be proud of! The right amount of preparation in advance can make a wonderful impact on the whole process.

St Louis real estate is our specialty! If you’re looking for real estate anywhere in the St Louis, MO area, including St Louis City, St Louis County, St Charles, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, or one of the other areas we serve, simply click the “Search St Louis Real Estate” link at the top or bottom of this page to begin your home search now.

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