Ten Commandments for St Louis Home Buyers

10 Commandments for St Louis home buyersIn our world, characterized by instant gratification, many home buyers have difficulty understanding that there are several processes involved in home buying.

Looking is an exception. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the selection process sometimes takes time. I will admit though, I’ve had buyer’s apologize to me for what they perceive as taking “too long” to find the right home. It takes what it takes.

The process of making sure the title is clear can cause confusion, but the biggest surprise to many home buyers is the fact that there’s a process to getting a home loan. Often times buyer’s think that giving a lender a few bits of information and a quick credit check (pre-approval) is all that’s required.

The process isn’t excruciating for most people, but it does take some time for the bank to review the buyer and the property and to do everything feasible to minimize the chance of loaning to a buyer that will default. Big changes in your “profile” during the review process can mean the difference between being able to buy or not.

The list below is a great list of the “do’s” and “do not’s” for buyer’s as they go through the process. This is really the domain of a good lender, but most REALTORS have experiences where something went awry as the deal was supposed to close due to actions taken by the buyer between pre-approval and closing. Its good information for any buyer getting ready to take the plunge.

1. Thou shall postpone any career moves until after your closing.
If at all possible, try not to make a career move during the time between your mortgage application and the closing on the home you
are purchasing. One of the factors mortgage companies consider is the length of the present employment; they are partial to stability.
2. Thou shalt not apply for new credit.
Why not? Because applying for new credit changes what is called “debt-to-income ratios” (the relationship of your income to your
debt). This could impact your ability to qualify for your mortgage loan and may initiate a new round of paperwork.
3. Thou shalt not incur new debt such as purchasing or leasing a new vehicle.
This should go under the general heading of “no new debt.” As with any debt, this will change your “debt-to-income ratios” and may
cause you not to qualify for your mortgage.
4. Tholl shalt not charge up your credit card balances.
5. Thou shalt not make a venJ large deposit or withdrawal from your bank account.
6. Thou shalt not change your mind after locking a rate.

7. Thou shalt not co-sign for someone else’s loan.
8. Thou shalt not spend your down payment money.
9. Keep holy thy closing date and paperwork.

Please try to schedule vacations for AFTER your closing date. If you’ve started packing for a move, remember to keep out any bank
statements, tax returns, or other important paperwork.
10. Thou shalt not file for divorce prior to closing.
Filing for divorce affects your marital status in a court of law; this change of status may sometimes complicate the process when
paperwork is being finalized.

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