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residency relocation to St. Louis

The National Residency Matching Program has its general match calendar each year, starting in November and ending on the highly celebrated and ceremonial Match Day. It is this process by which all recent graduates of medical school take the next step towards being a physician through their apprenticeship known as RESIDENCY.

Next Week is the opening of rank order list, and all the medical residents we’ve spoken to regarding a possible relocation to St. Louis to work at our various residency programs (Washington University (BJC Hospital), St. Louis University, St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Lukes Hospital and Mercy Hospital) will be ranking their choices of residency programs and many of their decisions will be weighted between the strengths / reputation of the residency program, and where they desire to live. This bodes very well for an affordable world class city like St. Louis, that also happens to have sought after residency programs.

Residency Relocation Pages

Our Resident’s Relocation pages help aid the residents looking to buy homes in St. Louis for their 3 to 7 year (or more) stay in the river city. We started assisting this special category of home buyer’s several years ago, and continue to get referrals from medical schools and current resident clients.

Residents have special relocation needs, unlike many normal buyers, and even many relocation buyers. Can you imagine having to finish your final weeks of medical school, evaluate and make MAJOR CAREER CHOICES, and oh… by the way…. plan a major move for you and your family? This process requires a Realtor with a great deal of understanding for the incredible demands placed upon their clients. Aside from being residency relocation experts, we also keep updated lists of the top physician loan programs currently available to St. Louis medical residents!

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If you’re currently considering a move to St. Louis, set up a residency relocation consultation with Chris and Lisa Grus. Match Day is coming quickly, and an understanding of St. Louis real estate will be helpful in finding why St. Louis is a fantastic place to land for these important years. Two MAJOR factors that medical residents LOVE about St. Louis is our affordability, and how mild traffic is here! This gives residents the flexibility to live in more locations with better amenities, than being trapped so close to the hospital with fewer choices.