Something to Think About….

The ‘tiny home’ phenomenon has been interesting these past few years. Like a lot of gimmicks, I’ve been curious how long this will last. There are a lot of die hard believers that espouse the many virtues. Not that I’m a serious doubter, but there’s just a part of me that’s asking “are they seriously going to live there?”

The upside of living off the grid is the efficiency of it. Having a tiny home built with maximum efficiency, solar panels, and limited output needs is great. Having no mortgage and nothing “holding you down” can be nice too.

The down side, I’ve always thought, would be going stir crazy on cold winter days like today or during a storm. Not being able to entertain, or have really more than a couple people around inside. When I’m not getting along with the folks I live with [that never happens really, but hypothetically 😁], I like my space. Having to listen in on everything that person does with virtually no privacy would drive me nuts. Not being able to get a mortgage, while touted as a big plus, seems to be a negative to me. Having to fork out $20,000 to $60,000 to a builder before you see a product or even know whether you can handle tiny home living seems more risky than signing a mortgage for a home.

As a Realtor, I’ve found that some people are much less space conscious. One past client lived in a 700 square foot condo. During the sale, almost all prospective buyers commented on the unit being so small. That couple ended up buying a home that was only 108 square feet larger, and then having 4 kids!! The latest trends from my perspective have been people needing more space, not less.

Despite my best thinking, I never considered the whole house being stolen! I imagine there are other factors about tiny house living that aren’t very beneficial. I’ll just keep my eye on the headlines and see.