Finding a Home near a STL Trail!

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Section of Trail near Creve Coeur Lake Park

In finding a place to live, there are many different things to consider. Schools, styles, lot sizes, and proximity to work being some of the biggies.

One thing that is being considered more and more is finding a home nearby recreational trails for bicycling, inline skating and walking.

Living and working nearby local trails and bicycle lanes promotes fitness, safety, environementally clean transportation and entertainment, as well as stimulates the economy of the area by attracting visitors and business to local restaurants, hotels and shops. Lastly, proximity to trails adds to the value of homes in the communities adjacent to the trails.

While trails have been in various stages of development for years, 2020 Trail construction and trail usage seem to have ‘turned the corner’ coincidentally, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Bicycle shops and inline skates have had a huge increase in use, and those who previously turned to other modes of fitness have spent time outside on local trails.

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Development of Trail Network Benefits Everyone!

Aside from helping St. Louis home buyer’s to find homes near trails, its important to help people throughout the area where trails are located and to keep people informed about opportunities to participate into the development of local trails and greenways. Without knowledge of these projects, area businesses and residents won’t understand the impact they can have on trails, and trails have on them.

St. Louis Trails and Homes Nearby

Click the link above to home searches near all the greenways below.

Grant’s Trail (Gravois Greenway)

Creve Coeur Lake / Page Extension Trails

Sunset Greenway Trail

River Des Peres Greenway Trail

Centennial Greenway Trail

Mississippi Greenway

North Riverfront Trail / Jefferson Barracks

Meramec Greenway

Flat Creek Trail / Route 66 Trail / Unger-Fenton-Winter Park

Deer Creek Greenway Trail

Monarch Levee Greenway Trail (Missouri River Greenway)

Katy Trail Greenway (Missouri River Greenway)

….. more coming soon!